Adhesives and Sealants
Chemicals and Lubricants
Conduit Fittings
Conduit, Raceway, Duct
Control & Automation
Cutting Tools
Electrical Distribution
Enclosures & Temp. Mgmt.
Equipment & Machinery
Fasteners and Supports
Hand Tools
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Material Handling
Motor & Power Transmission
Paint and Marking
Pipe and Fittings
Power Tools
Safety, Signaling, Security
Saws and Files
Tape and Labeling
Wire and Cable
Wire Management
Wiring Devices

Thank you very much for your interest in doing business with Marshall E. Campbell Co.
Open an Account - Marshall E. Campbell

Here are the steps in opening an account with us:

Open an account with a line of credit

  1. Fill out the Credit Application Form, have it signed by an authorized person in your company and either fax or mail the completed form to us.
  2. We will diligently work our credit approval process as expeditiously as we possibly can. The cooperation we get from your trade references and your bank are very important in expediting the process.
  3. Once our credit approval process is complete we will notify you of the opening of your account and what your credit limit will be. Denials will also be communicated as well.
  4. Fill out the Account Administration Form and fax or mail it back to us. This form will allow us to set up your account properly so we transact business the way that you want to manage your account. This form can optionally be filled out at the time you submit the credit application form or it can be filled out after your credit is approved.
  5. Once the account administration form is sent back to us we will set your account up to your requirements and notify you that we are now prepared to serve you.

Open an account paying by cash or credit card.

  1. Fill out the top half of the Credit Application Form and fax or mail it into us.
  2. The Account Administration Form is optional and does not have to be filled out. It might be helpful, and to your benefit, to print and review the information because there might be a valuable step you want us to perform to manage your account properly.
  3. We will set up your account immediately and then notify you of the setup.
  4. Even though you will be paying by credit card or cash, having an account setup will allow you certain capabilities in managing your account (ie-trackability of orders, historical purchase information, use of your part numbers, etc)

We look forward to doing business with you! Thank you very much!

Marshall E. Campbell Co. 2975 Lapeer Road│ Port Huron, Mi. 48060│ P: 800-462-4050
F: 810-985-6689│AR@mecampbell.com



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